ASMBS Rural Surgery Committee

Published in September Issue             

The ASMBS Rural Surgery Committee was created to represent the Bariatric Surgical Practices around the nation. The committee is composed of surgeons and integrated health professionals who provide care to bariatric patients in a rural or isolated setting. Current states represented in the committee include ID, IA, MO, MN, ND, NM, OH, SC and SD.

The purpose of the committee is to provide representation and support for rural surgical practices as well as to serves as a resource to achieve high quality comprehensive programs in a rural setting. Identifying and addressing the very unique challenges of a rural bariatric practice is of utmost importance for the members of this committee.

Members of the committee advise the Executive Council on trends of practice and issues unique to rural bariatric surgeons. This facilitates a proactive approach to resolving programmatic and clinic issues pertaining to the rural surgery setting.

The committee was approved by the Executive Council in early 2017 and initial membership and leadership was finalized shortly after. Since inception, the committee has had several meetings and had our first face-to-face meeting during the Spring Meeting in San Diego!

Important goals for the committee are to identify rural bariatric practices in our country, provide a template of collaboration to improve the care of the bariatric patient in the rural setting, define best practice guidelines and best standards of care in rural environments, and to advocate for and support the accreditation of bariatric centers in rural America.

Some of the committee’s ongoing projects include:

1) Development of a rural collaborative forum
2) Develop network of rural programs
3) Determine barriers for MBSAQIP accreditation for small rural programs
4) Design and execute a mentorship program for new rural programs (Toolkit, site visits)
5) Mentorship for quality improvement (proctoring opportunities, advice hotline)
6) Develop a long term follow-up toolkit for non-surgeons in rural setting

The ASMBS Rural Surgery Committee welcomes your participation in this new
exciting committee.