The ASMBS Textbook of Bariatric Surgery Has Arrived

Two Volumes, More than 110 Contributors

Published in October 2014 Issue             

The American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS) has released The ASMBS Textbook of Bariatric Surgery, a new two-volume textbook written and edited by leading experts in the field of bariatric surgery and integrated health. This is the first time the ASMBS has developed such a textbook.

“This comprehensive and authoritative guide to bariatric surgery was created by ASMBS members for ASMBS members. No one knows this material better,” said ASMBS president Ninh T. Nguyen, MD, Chief, Division of Gastrointestinal Surgery, University of California (UC), Irvine, and one of the editors. “This textbook will be an important educational resources for years to come.”

The first volume, which has 43 chapters from more than 70 contributors, covers the basic principles of bariatric surgery, currently accepted procedures, short- and long-term clinical outcomes including weight loss and impact on obesity-related diseases and conditions. It also includes special sections on metabolic surgery, reoperative bariatric surgery, new endoscopic bariatric procedures, and surgery for patients with a body mass index (BMI) of between 30 and 35.

In addition to Dr. Nguyen, editors include Raul J. Rosenthal, MD, Cleveland Clinic Florida; Jaime Ponce, MD, Dalton Surgical Group in GA; John M. Morton, MD, Stanford University School of Medicine in Palo Alto, CA; and Robin Blackstone, MD, Scottsdale Bariatric Center
in AZ.

The second volume on integrated health has 22 chapters from more than 40 contributors and contains information on bariatric and obesity medicine, nutrition, exercise, psychosocial issues and the multidisciplinary approach to patient care. Editors of this volume include Christopher Still, DO, Geisinger Medical Center in PA; David B. Sarwer, PhD, University of Pennsylvania; and Jeanne Blankenship, MS, RDN, Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics in Washington, DC.

“This is the most comprehensive textbook on the topic of bariatric surgery and integrated health services to date,” said Dr. Still, director of the Geisinger Obesity Institute. “It features some of the most highly skilled surgeons and integrated health professionals who have collaborated here to provide a definitive guide.”

The ASMBS Textbook of Bariatric Surgery is intended for surgeons, residents and fellows, bariatric physicians, psychologists, psychiatrists, and integrated health members that manage patients with obesity. The textbook is available for purchase at ObesityWeek 2014 or directly from publisher, Springer Science+Business Media.