Integrated Health President’s Corner

Published in May Issue             

Dear ASMBS Members:

During the Integrated Health (IH) Town Hall webinar in January, you may remember that one of my missions during this presidency is to improve communication. The ASMBS news magazine, connect, is a great avenue to assist with this mission, and here is the first installment of the IH President’s Corner.

IH has hit the ground running with webinars. As I mentioned, we had a webinar for the IH Town Hall, and more recently one on the ASMBS Nutrition Guidelines – due out for publication in the very near future. We also have other topics pending for webinars including psychosocial recommendations, as well as other topics pertinent to IH. Stay tuned!

IH has also developed a presence on Twitter. Several ASMBS IH members have already been active on Twitter in the past, but ASMBS has endorsed the IH Twitter account, to be managed by Pam Davis, BSN,
IH President-Elect.

There are many other projects going on within each of the IH committees, but little space here to share all the projects. Each IH committee will be highlighted in upcoming issues of connect to keep you informed about committee work and projects. I will continue to provide you with additional updates as they come along.

Above all else, I am extremely grateful for all the hard work and dedication that each member has contributed to the section of Integrated Health. Together we make a great team!!

Please feel free to contact me with any ideas, suggestions or comments for future consideration at

I look forward to a great two years, and hope to be the voice of all disciplines within the Integrated Health membership.