UPDATE: ASMBS Emerging Technology & Procedures Committee

Published in May Issue             

The ASMBS Emerging Technology & Procedures committee primary goal is to engage the medical community with shared interest in introducing new technologies to treat obesity. To that end, we have many initiatives.

First, we have created a web-based, standardized process to update our section on the ASMBS website in a periodical and timely fashion. In addition, our inaugural open-forum innovation summit will take place during Obesity Week-End in Las Vegas in June 2016. The main goal of the non-CME summit is to bring together all stakeholders in the field of obesity treatment (healthcare providers, innovators, venture capitalist) to discuss new ideas and technologies. It is our ultimate goal for ASMBS to be the leader in Bariatric care innovation.

To pursue those goals, we will continue to increase our footprint and activities related to emerging technologies in our annual meetings. Finally, the committee was instrumental in creating the approval process for new bariatric procedures and will continue to work with other committees and the Executive Committee to bring more transparency and validity to new procedures introduced in our field, and to help advance obesity care.