ASMBS Weekend:
What Courses Work For Me?

Published in April Issue             

Integrated Health:

Perioperative Care of the Bariatric Surgery Patient: This course provides an overview of the perioperative care provided before surgery. Topics include medication absorption changes after bariatric surgery, nutritional recommendations, pregnancy and bariatric surgery, and substance use issues in a bariatric surgery population.

What is the Latest and Greatest: This session explores the latest and greatest technologies for bariatric surgery. Attendees will also learn how to incorporate social media in their practice.

Case Studies/Networking Session: This educational activity will present complex bariatric surgery case studies discussed by providers of different disciplines. The panel of interdisciplinary specialists and attendees will participate in a discussion.

Weight Recidivism: Attendees will understand the role of the multidisciplinary team and the best practice to treat weight regain after bariatric surgery. This course will analyze underlying mechanisms for weight regain.

Take-Home Pearls: This course is designed to provide integrated health professionals with tools to develop a successful practice. At the completion of this course participants will be able to develop strategies for enhancing their practice and interactions with their patients.

CBN Review Course: This review course is designed for licensed Registered Nurses (RN) who have been involved in the nursing care of patients with obesity, for a minimum of two years, and are preparing to take the Certification Exam.


Bariatric Endoscopy: Attendees will understand the endoscopic “normal anatomy” of bariatric procedures, how to use endoscopy to manage bariatric complications, and procedures approved by the FDA.

Main Event - Surgery from A-Z Tips and Tricks: Attendees will receive an overview of all major bariatric surgical procedures and suggested techniques for optimal outcomes, and gain an understanding of new prevention techniques.

Spectacular Cases/Video Session: Attendees will view unique cases and understand new techniques to address individualized therapies and techniques.

Stump the Experts: All you want to know and never dare to ask or discussed. Attendees will engage in Q&A and group discussion, learning how to handle difficult cases, doubts on treatment options, and controversial treatments and/or techniques.

Private Practice:

Practice Management: This course will help attendees understand overall guidelines to developing a successful private or academic practice. It’ll examine how to incorporate pharmacology, endoscopy, and new technologies into their practice.


Mexican College of Bariatric Surgeons: What’s happening Outside the US: (Course presented in Spanish) Attendees will understand the various approaches and procedures that are trending outside of the United States, understand strengths, weaknesses, and complications of Medical Tourism and trends in Bariatric Surgery for Low BMIs and
metabolic approaches.

ASMBS Weekend offers an exceptional learning experience for every role on the bariatric team by integrating obesity treatment, research and advocacy throughout the meeting. For more information, visit