A Note From the President


Published in June Issue             

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

As I approach the half-way point of my presidency, I continue to be impressed with all the activities of the society. It’s a busy organization and we continue to add new members to our committees and task forces to keep things moving. Getting people involved and establishing mentorship tracks for our junior members is a top priority this year. The people that show up and do the work will be the future leaders of the society and I know we’ll be in great shape for years to come.

A big part of this job is traveling to meetings around the country and the world but none are more enjoyable than my trips to the state chapter meetings. I’ve attended or am scheduled to attend state chapter meetings in Illinois, Indiana, New York, North Carolina, Minnesota, Michigan, Canada, and Southern California so far. I continue to be impressed with the quality of these chapter meetings and the level of engagement and enthusiasm about what we do. Most of all, I enjoy getting to know the surgeons who attend these meetings, many of whom I’ve heard about but have never had a chance to meet. We truly have great people in our specialty and it reminds me what an honor it is to be president this year.

Having said that, we have a lot of work to do in the next six months. The Bariatric Endoscopy curriculum is moving forward and we hope to finalize the hands-on curriculum next month. The State Chapter initiatives are also moving forward with the initial efforts to get more engagement with our surveys. We got a 22% return on our Obesity Week survey which is better than the historical 10% return rate, but I feel strongly that we need to hear from more of our members. We will continue to channel our requests and voting through the state chapter presidents so stay tuned and make your voice heard.

Finally, we are kicking off a series of short videos for the Practice Management and Optimization project from the Private/Community Practice Committee. These 5 minute videos will highlight success stories in practice development and management given by someone who has conquered a problem in their own practice. Topics will range from negotiating contracts to website and social media management to facing litigation. We will also present primers on how to get involved in access and advocacy efforts as well as building your endoscopy practice. When completed, we will circulate these videos to you and we look forward to your feedback and ideas for new videos.

I hope everyone has some fun plans for the summer. We will kick things off in San Diego at ASMBS Weekend and I hope to see you there!

All the best,