ASMBS Integrated Health Executive Council Surprises Two Tikes with Bikes

Published in June/July Issue             

By Christine Bauer, MSN, RN, CBN, ASMBS Integrated Health President

Bikes for Goodness Sake! That’s what members of the ASMBS Integrated Health Executive Council did recently at this year’s retreat in Austin, Texas. While our weekend’s agenda was packed with important discussions and decisions, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to demonstrate our support for efforts that potentially enhance healthy behaviors and give to those in need.

Bikes for Goodness Sake is a charitable organization with a mission to share the goodness of a bicycle to underprivileged children through sponsored corporate charity bike build events. So technically, we didn’t ride the bike. Instead we BUILT one – actually TWO! Not only did we learn the skills to build a bike from scratch and our strengths as a team, we were given the opportunity to surprise the new owners, Diamond and Samuel, with these gifts. To see their faces when they learned of their fortune, and the joy of their foster home families was an experience that we will never forget. We were humbled by the story of co-founder Mark, his wife and their newly adopted son whom they had cared for as his foster parents. Giving....truly PRICELESS!

Learn more about our experience at http://bikesforgoodnesssake.org/blog/ and more about becoming involved in ASMBS Integrated Health at http://asmbs.org/integrated-health.