Integrated Health President’s Corner

Published in July Issue             

ASMBS Weekend was such a huge success!!!

Congratulations to Hilary Blackwood and Kelli Friedman for their hard work and commitment to planning and executing the Integrated Health sessions. Also, thank you to Maureen Quigley and Leslie Heinberg, Chair and Co-chair of the IH Professional Education and Program Committee, and Stephenie Anderson – and all the ASMBS staff – for all of your efforts in the success of yet another educational event. Lastly, thank you all who attended, and thank you all who presented and/or participated; this could not have happened
without you.

On another note, I want to take this opportunity to introduce several new Integrated Health awards for the IH membership. In addition to the Circle of Excellence, Nutrition Award, IH Research and the CBN awards, there will be three more awards offered for IH members: Distinguished Behavioral Health Provider Award, Distinguished Advanced Practice Provider Award, and an IH Committee of the Year Award. Here is a brief summary of each award:

Circle of Excellence Award – presented to an ASMBS member who helps to promote
and advance the integrated health science section; may be a physician or integrated
health member;

Nutrition Award – honors an ASMBS member who has made significant contributions to preoperative and/or postoperative nutrition;

IH Research Award – given in recognition to the health care provider that demonstrates excellence in bariatric surgery research and whose research/presentation has valuable implications for the IH professional practicing in metabolic and bariatric surgery;

CBN Award – recognizes a certified bariatric nurse who promotes the values of CBN: compassion, advocacy, research and education;

Behavioral Health Provider Awardrecognizes a behavioral health provider who serves as a role model with other colleagues, hospital administrators and other organizations;

Advanced Practice Provider Award – recognizes a physician assistant, nurse practitioner or clinical nurse specialist who promotes and furthers advanced practice in the field of metabolic and bariatric surgery;

IH Committee of the Year Award – recognizes the committee within the integrated health section of the ASMBS that has made an extraordinary effort to promote and advance the integrated health science section.

An e-mail will be sent out in the near future with a request for nominations for each of the awards (with the exception of the IH Committee of the Year Award). Please consider nominating a deserving colleague for any of the aforementioned awards.