A Note From the President

Published in January Issue             

ASMBS friends and colleagues,

Iím sure youíre glad the end of the year rush is behind us and hopefully youíre back in a more usual routine by now. I hope everyone had a great holiday season and found time to catch up with family and friends.

This monthís connect highlights the activities of the ASMBS Membership Committee led by Drs. Anthony Petrick, Keith Sharf and Vafa Shayani.

We currently have 2,433 surgeon members and 1,519 integrated health members in our society. We also have 113 candidate members and will continue to contact graduating fellows each year to get them involved in our society as they enter practice. These numbers are solid and have been fairly stable over the last few years. This means we need to find ways to re-engage our existing members while we recruit new members. Given the importance of what we do, ASMBS needs to grow and be the loudest voice for the care of patients with obesity, particularly in this uncertain landscape of healthcare.

With that in mind, we have already laid out some specific plans to make ASMBS membership more valuable for the entire spectrum of bariatric surgeons:

  • The Community/Private Practice Committee is developing more course and meeting content for the non-academic surgeons. Post-graduate courses are being designed to focus on practice management, website and social media, coding, contract negotiation, and many other challenges the community surgeons face. The content of these courses will be specific for the early, mid, and late career bariatric surgeons.

  • Diversifying the content and speakers at our national meetings to avoid the ďsame talks by the same peopleĒ which we hear a lot. We know that CME/MOC drives many of our members to the meetings and the program committee is working hard to incorporate new ideas into the courses and sessions.

  • Engaging our members more at the state chapter level through quality collaboratives, CME opportunities, and leadership tracks to national committees.

  • Developing a comprehensive bariatric endoscopy curriculum and certification to include a written and practical exam. Ultimately we want to have regional testing sites to make this available to members who canít come to the national meetings.

  • We are working with our meeting planning company to integrate the CME/MOC reports from our meetings with the American Board of Surgery. We hope to have this done by ASMBS Weekend in June. This will automatically transfer your MOC data to the ABS website and avoid the need to manually enter it.

These are just a few of our initiatives to make ASMBS a great society for all of its members. If you have ideas about things we can do to help your practice, let us know. Have a great month and donít forget to save the dates for June 8-11 as we get together in San Diego for the ASMBS Weekend.

All the Best,