ASMBS Membership Committee

Published in January Issue             

The ASMBS Membership Committee functions as a liaison for members to identify and ensure their needs are being met by the society. Its primary goal is to maximize the value the society offers its members. The principal activity throughout the year is the processing of member applications. In the past few years, both the applications and the uploading of documents, including letters of recommendation, have been streamlined in an electronic process that members can easily complete and upload online. This enhancement has reduced the processing time of member applications from months to weeks.

The Committee now contacts every new bariatric fellow in the country to inform him or her of the benefits of ASMBS membership. We are currently identifying opportunities to understand the number of non-member bariatric surgeons and attempting to increasingly tailor membership to the needs of all bariatric surgeons. To that end, we have significantly increased the number of international members over the past several years.

We have also restructured the Fellowship designation for ASMBS members and are actively working on value enhancements that would benefit our most experienced surgeons as both payers and other agencies put forth its definitions of “excellence” in bariatric surgery.

We are continually working with other ASMBS committees to improve CME opportunities for our members. These benefits include new options for maintenance of certification (MOC) credits and restructuring of Obesity Week-End: ASMBS' Annual Clinical Symposium.

Our current priority is improving member retention through additional membership enhancements including streamlining the membership renewal process. If you have ideas or concerns about ASMBS membership, please contact Dr. Anthony Petrick, ASMBS Membership Committee Chair or any of the committee members.