Join the ASMBS Rural Committee

Published in February Issue             

Submitted by: ASMBS Rural Committee

The ASMBS Rural Committee was formed in December of 2016 with the mission to represent the rural bariatric surgical practices, foster and promote best care practices, identify challenges unique to the rural setting, and facilitate potential solutions.

The committee is composed of surgeons and integrated health professionals who provide care to bariatric patients in a rural or isolated setting. Members of the committee will advise the Executive Council on trends of practice and issues unique to rural bariatric surgeons. This will facilitate a proactive approach to resolving programmatic and clinical issues pertaining to the rural surgery setting. The committee serves as a resource for rural surgical practices to achieve high quality comprehensive programs in a rural setting.

Do you work in a program in a rural setting? Do you provide care for patients who live in rural areas? The committee is seeking people who broadly represent the rural population of our country, who share the common problems of a rural location and patient population, and who want to work together to accomplish the goals of the committee. Please visit our Rural Committee page for more details on our objective and goals:

To apply for membership to this committee you must be an active ASMBS member; please send your name, resume or CV, and any additional comments telling us why you would like to join this committee to