ASMBS Communications Committee

Published in December Issue             

Submitted by: ASMBS Communications Committee

This last year, the ASMBS Communications Committee has taken on some new directions and has increased communication efforts with our members and the public using social media outlets. The outreach efforts have been primarily focused on Facebook and Twitter.

Under the direction of the committee chair, Dr. Richard Peterson and Co-Chair, Dr. Neil Floch, the ASMBS has dramatically increased its Facebook and Twitter followings.

We are currently accepting enthusiastic, social media savvy individuals to join our committee.

The committee has several projects in the works. The SOARD Journal Club is a Facebook endeavor using a closed group format where selected journal articles are discussed by the members of the group. Dr. Peterson has moderated 11 Journal Clubs now (occurring roughly every 6 weeks) and the authors of the papers are selected as co-moderators. In addition, Dr. Peterson has created a separate closed Facebook group for Active ASMBS Members. It has been created to facilitate member discussion and collaboration on difficult cases, new technologies and techniques, and the general sharing of ideas. Both of these groups are growing and we encourage you to join Facebook and join these groups to increase the value of your ASMBS membership. For more information you can watch a video by Dr. Peterson on how to start a Facebook account here. Click on the following links to join the Active ASMBS Members and SOARD Journal Club Facebook Groups.

Since March 2016, Dr. Neil Floch has spearheaded the ASMBS Twitter page, which has increased its followers from 3,500 to
over 23,000.

The Twitter presence allows ASMBS members to communicate with physicians of other disciplines and societies, as well as the general public. A strong presence enforces the ASMBSís authority as a vetted source of accurate information and primary research, to further validate its growing use as the most successful treatment for obesity. A long-term goal of communicating medically supported evidence is to improve access to care and insurance coverage for bariatric surgery. The abstracts from each SOARD issue are now being sent out on Twitter.

A third project that has become a high priority of the committee is the creation of visual abstracts from original SOARD printed abstracts. We created and released the first SOARD visual abstract at this yearís ObesityWeek. The creation of the visual abstract is becoming the new way to communicate information to both professionals and the public. As a result, there has been an increase in the number of views and downloads of papers highlighted by visual abstracts. In coordination with our Journal Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Harvey Sugerman and Co-Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Raul Rosenthal, our committee will continue to develop and refine visual abstracts of selected papers.

The Communications Committee also continues to provide quarterly webinars on various topics of interest to the membership. Further information about our upcoming webinar will be coming soon.

Other areas of interest and work for the committee will include the improvement of the ASMBS YouTube channel, as well as increasing use of other social media outlets such as Periscope and Instagram.

If you are interested in participating in the growth of the committee in any of the areas above, please click here. The increased social media presence of the ASMBS will benefit from your help and participation.

We look forward to continuing to improve our visibility this year and would love to have you be a part of it.