On CNN.com:
Bariatric Surgery Isn't
'One Size Fits All'

Published in December 2013 Issue            

Dr. Jaime Ponce and Dr. Alan Wittgrove Discuss Evolution of Bariatric Surgery

During ObesityWeek, ASMBS Past-Presidents Jaime Ponce, MD, and Alan Wittgrove, MD, spoke extensively with CNN.com and were featured on one of the most popular news sites on the web. The article, which was the top story in the CNN Health section, describes how bariatric surgery has become more accepted, safer, more effective and successful not only in treating obesity, but in treating all the metabolic diseases, particularly diabetes, that are associated with it. The article states, "Once feared by patients and denounced by primary care physicians, bariatric surgery has become more accepted as research shows it's not only helping people lose weight, but also reducing their risk for cardiovascular disease and reversing type 2 diabetes. The story features a patient who has kept her weight off for 10 years and is no longer on insulin or high blood pressure medication. CNN.com attracts more than 30 million visitors each month.

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