ASMBS Flexible Endoscopy Committee

Published in April Issue             

Submitted by: ASMBS Flexible Endoscopy Committee

The ASMBS Flexible Endoscopy Committee was created out of increased recognition that endoscopy is an important tool in the treatment of patients with obesity and
metabolic disease.

Bariatric surgery is a proven effective treatment for obesity and weight-related disease. However, only a small percent of patients ultimately undergo surgical intervention, for a spectrum of reasons. Endoscopic procedures and new devices may offer treatments for patients who do not want or who are not eligible for surgery. Flexible endoscopy may be a platform to offer these new therapies to our patients.

The work of the Flexible Endoscopy Committee is diverse. For years, endoscopic management of complications and the role of endoscopy in bariatric practices have been important parts of Obesity Week and ASMBS Weekend.

The Flexible Endoscopy Committee has worked with the Planning Committees to ensure pertinent and cutting-edge lectures for meeting attendees. Additionally, we have worked to bring hands-on labs with expert instructors to teach and disseminate best practices and new technologies to our membership.

One of our biggest projects currently is the development of a bariatric endoscopy curriculum. This program consists of a bank of videos on common topics related to bariatric endoscopy, given by content leaders in the field. These are currently available on the ASMBS website.

In collaboration with the Society of American Gastrointestinal and Endoscopic Surgeons (SAGES), we have also developed a verification program for bariatric surgeons performing endoscopic procedures that includes both an online question exam and a hands-on, proctored lab. Together, the BE-SAFE! (Bariatric Endoscopy Skills Assessment Fundamentals Exam) modular exam and skills lab ensure that members of ASMBS will have access to high-quality content and skills acquisition to bring endoscopic procedures to their bariatric practices. The program’s video curriculum is currently available to ASMBS members

As an organization, ASMBS brings the latest data-driven practices to the membership, and we feel that the Flexible Endoscopy Committee is part of this important mission.