Published in April Issue             

The mission of the Research Committee is to advance the science of metabolic and bariatric surgery by advocating clinical, basic science and translational research.

One of the main functions of the committee has been to support member investigators to initiate research projects with high potential impact on the field of metabolic and bariatric surgery. As such, the Research Committee has enjoyed an invaluable partnership with the ASMBS Foundation that continues to provide annual funding for competitive research grants as evidenced by $50,000 of support for 2016. The 2016 Call for Research Grants opened April 1, 2016. The Research Committee will award two $25,000 grants.

The Research Committee is also dedicated to broadening services to ASMBS members and to fostering deeper collaborations with other societies. The committee is working to offer the next post-graduate course in research in conjunction with the SSAT to further the relationships between the two societies. Another important goal will be to develop a clearinghouse to communicate availability of research resources and funding opportunities to ASMBS members. In addition, the Research Committee is investigating the potential to create mechanisms for multi-institutional studies.

The Research Committee has placed great import on representing the interests of the ASMBS membership. An important planned project will be to identify research topics of interest through a modified Delphi process and look to guide grant submissions to align with those topics. In the same vein, the committee will continue to work with MBSAQIP to develop the ability to providing data to researchers in participant use files.