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Committee Description

The mission of the Clinical Issues Committee is to create evidence-based guidelines and position statements regarding clinical issues to enhance quality in metabolic and bariatric surgery patient care and to support ASMBS member practices. The Clinical Issues Committee also performs systematic review of existing statements and guidelines, researches the current data and makes appropriate updates and revisions as evidence becomes available. The committee is also charged with developing time-sensitive statements or recommendations related to new developments in the field of bariatric surgery.

ASMBS Mission(s) Met by the Committee:

  1. To improve the care and treatment of people with obesity and related diseases by providing timely, evidence-based guidelines to society members caring for patients with obesity.
  2. To be the recognized authority and resource on metabolic and bariatric surgery by working in a collaborative fashion with fellow societies to develop position statements that mutually benefit the members and patients of each respective society on issues directly related to obesity.
  3. To advance the science and understanding of metabolic and bariatric surgery by (1) identifying issues and needs that our members face in their practice and by publishing new position statements addressing these needs, trends and state-of-the-art practices of the field of metabolic and bariatric surgery; (2) continuing to update the systematic review of existing statements and revise them as needed based on current literature.

Committee Members:

Chair: Julie Kim, MD
Co-Chair: Ann Rogers, MD
Immediate Past Chair and EC Liaison: Shanu Kothari, MD
Members: Mohamed Ali, MD; Ali Aminian, MD; Dan Azagury, MD; Naveen Ballem, MD; Stacy Brethauer, MD; Guilherme Campos, MD; Robert Carpenter, MD, MPH; Jonathan Carter, MD; Eric DeMaria, MD; Dan Eisenberg, MD; Maher El Chaar, MD; Saber Ghiassi, MD, MPH; Brandon Grover, DO; Isam Hamdallah, MD; Marcelo Hinojosa, MD; Jason Michael Johnson, DO; Mark Kligman, MD; Fady Moustarah, MD; Sabrena Noria, MD, PhD; Robert O’Rourke, MD; Pavlos Papasavas, MD; Manish Parikh, MD; Anthony Petrick, MD; Keith Scharf, DO; Bruce Schirmer MD; David Schumacher, MD; Brian Smith, MD; Harvey Sugerman, MD; Dana Telem, MD
Ad Hoc Literature Review: Kara Kallies
IH Clinical Issues and Guidelines Committee Liaisons: Terry McKenzie, RN, CBN, Co-Chair, and Stephanie Sogg, PhD, Co-Chair ASMBS Staff Liaison: Teresa White

Committee Goals:

Short-Term: see "Status of 2016 Activities" below


  1. Ongoing identification of issues to develop statements and provide topics for EC Review
  2. Ongoing review/revision of all existing and new statements


  1. Joint guidelines with American Heart Association and American Diabetes Association
  2. Provide ongoing clarity on issues related to bariatric and metabolic surgery

Committee 2016 Objectives:

  1. Identify existing and emerging gaps in guidelines/position statements
  2. Increase understanding of clinical issues
  3. Establish and disseminate standards and protocols
  4. Establish timeline based on relative clinical importance of issues

Status of 2016 Activites:

  1. ASMBS Updated Position Statement on Insurance Mandated Preoperative Weight Loss Requirements
    • Final version reviewed and approved by EC on April 1.
    • Ready for Kara to submit to SOARD
    • Writing group: Julie Kim, Ann Rogers, Naveen Ballem, Bruce Schirmer.

  2. ASMBS Policy Statement on Single Anastomosis of Duodenal Switch (SADS)
    • has been reviewed by attorney
    • approved by ECEC on April 7
    • ECEC decided this is a policy statement and does not need to go to membership
    • Will be reviewed by EC on April 18, then for publication
    • Writing group: Julie Kim, Ann Rogers, Shanu Kothari, Stacy Brethauer

  3. New Statement: Reactive Hypoglycemia after Bariatric Surgery
    • Draft is complete and is with CIC for their review and comments; deadline is Friday, April 22.
    • Writing group: Dan Eisenberg (leader), Saber Ghiassi, Brandon Grover, Dan Azagury and Julie Kim.

  4. New Statement: Durability of Weight Loss after Bariatric Surgery/Prevention of Weight Regain – this is to be vetted with members of the Obesity Prevention Committee; Eric DeMaria is involved in this group since he is part of the Revisions task force. Will include Dr. Rosenthal’s list of references with updated lit review from Kara.
    • Awaiting completion of lit search from Kara
    • Julie Kim will facilitate with other writing group members
    • Writing group development in process
    • Eric DeMaria, Samer Mattar, Tony Petrick, and members of OPC will be part of editorial process but probably not writing group.

  5. New Statement: Weight Bias and Discrimination – Eric DeMaria participating but is not the lead
  6. Revision of 2012 Low BMI statement - Lit review completed Working group: Ali Aminian (lead), Stacy Brethauer, Shanu Kothari, and John Scott (ad hoc).
    • Draft should be completed by end of May. Julie Kim and Ann Rogers will review draft and should have time for CIC review prior to June meeting.

  7. Revision of 2012 Sleeve Statement – literature review is in process.
    • Writing group: Saber Ghiassi, Maher El Chaar, Guilherme Campos, Mohamed Ali. Ann Rogers will facilitate. This group just appointed Monday, April 11, 2016.

  8. Collaborative statement with ACOG and ASRM on Infertility and Bariatric Surgery – outline is complete; awaiting completion of literature search; also including TOS participation. Will include three members from ACOG/ASRM, one or two from TOS and Ann Rogers and Julie Kim.
  9. Collaborative Statement with Hernia Society on Management of the Obese Patient with Hernias
    • Writing group: Marcelo Hinojosa, Brian Smith, Jonathan Carter, Manny Lo Menzo, Alfredo Carbonell, David Krpata; Ann Rogers and Stacy Brethauer will facilitate this group. (are any of these from the ASMBS Foregut Committee?)

  10. Collaborative project with Emergency Physicians (ACEP) – proposal for online module that will be helpful to ER physicians; Dr. Kim to submit proposal/outline to their board in June.
    • Writing group: Pavlos Papasavas, Ann Rogers, Julie Kim, Eric DeMaria, plus two more CIC members TBD. This project may not take off until 2017 based on ACEP board approvals.

  11. Collaborative project with Hip & Knee surgeons – this will not be co-endorsed by AAHKS; this paper is near completion and will be submitted to either an ortho journal (preferred) or SOARD

Status of Activities from Late 2015:

  1. ASMBS Position Statement on Intra-Gastric Balloon Therapy – statement has been updated by Julie Kim re: corresponding author Dr. Ali; ASMBS and SAGES logos added; Kara Kallies has resubmitted to SOARD.
  2. ASMBS Position Statement on Vagal Blocking Therapy for Obesity – Corrected Proof/In Press @ SOARD
  3. ASMBS Position Statement on Long-Term Survival Benefit after Bariatric Surgery – Corrected Proof/In Press @ SOARD
  4. Collaborative statement with NLA, OMA and ASMBS re: Lipids and Bariatric Surgery – Part 2 of 2 (bariatric surgery section); has been submitted to SOARD, currently in press as an uncorrected proof; will be published in March/April issue
  5. ASMBS Position Statement on Alcohol Use Before and After Bariatric Surgery – published in SOARD February 2016.
  6. Accreditation statement – not yet submitted to SOARD