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Military Veterans on the Frontlines of Obesity
Three new papers on obesity recently published in the Journal in General Internal Medicine (JGIM) shed new light on the potential opportunities and pitfalls in helping our nation’s veterans combat an escalating obesity problem in their ranks.

Gastroenterologists Outline Plan of Action to Lead the Fight Against Obesity
The American Gastroenterological Association (AGA) believes gastroenterologists should play more of a role in obesity treatment, suggesting they are in a “unique position to lead the care team.”

ASMBS Integrated Health Multidisciplinary Care Committee
The Integrated Health (IH) Multidisciplinary Care Committee is comprised of representatives from each specialty of the integrated health team (fitness, behavioral health, nursing, nutrition, surgeons and obesity medicine). The goal of the committee is to support integrated health professionals in the care of bariatric surgery patients to enhance their long-term success. In 2016, the IH Multidisciplinary Care Committee developed and distributed a survey to members assessing the role of the multidisciplinary team in bariatric surgery patient care. Currently, committee members are working to finalize a publication of these survey results.