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New Study Suggests: Don’t Wait to Have Bariatric Surgery
A new study published online in the July issue of JAMA Surgery suggests bariatric surgery may yield better results for patients whose body mass index (BMI) has not yet reached 40. According to researchers from the University of Michigan, Wayne State University and Henry Ford Health System, 36 percent of bariatric surgery patients, with an average BMI of 48, were able to achieve a BMI of less than 30.

New Study: “Overfat” Has Reached Pandemic Proportions
At the start of 2017, researchers introduced a novel term – “overfat” – to describe a condition they estimate affects between 62% and 76% of the world’s population, which they say makes it a global pandemic that, “well exceeds that of obesity and overweight.”

Committee Spotlight: ASMBS Rural Surgery Committee
The ASMBS Rural Surgery Committee was created to represent the Bariatric Surgical Practices around the nation. The committee is composed of surgeons and integrated health professionals who provide care to bariatric patients in a rural or isolated setting.