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Everybody Wins
Model Collaboration Leads to Insurer Policy Change, Greater Patient Access in North Carolina
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina (BCBSNC) published a revised coverage policy on July 15 that eliminates the six-month requirement for patients to participate in a non-surgical weight reduction program prior to being considered for bariatric surgery. The move comes after months of discussions between local and national bariatric health professionals and BCBSNC officials...

New Advocacy Tool Kit
Helps ASMBS State Chapters and Members Improve Patient Access
The ASMBS is calling on members and state chapters to join the fight for greater patient access to metabolic and bariatric surgery, and is providing downloadable tools to help them do that...

How Come...?
How Come We Donít Have a CPT Code for Bariatric Revisions?
The insurance committee often receives questions regarding coding of revisions and most frequently ďWhy isnít there a code for Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass Revision?Ē This question, and more importantly its answer, is one of the highest priorities of the ASMBS and the insurance committee. There is a strong feeling within our organization that a CPT code would lead to greater access to reoperative procedures...