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JAMA Study Confirms Significant, Long-Term Weight Loss After Gastric Bypass
Long-term durability of bariatric surgery has often been questioned by the medical community and the lay public. Most studies that have attempted to address long-term results (greater than 10 years) in the United States have been in small cohorts from single centers and hence the question remains inadequately answered. The Swedish Obesity Study did report long-term data but was from a different era when vertical banded gastroplasty was commonly performed.

Making ObesityWeek a Household Name for Scientists and Clinicians -- Q&A with Philip R. Schauer, MD
connect reached out to one of the founders of ObesityWeek, Philip R. Schauer, MD, a past president of the ASMBS and Chief of Minimally Invasive General Surgery, and Director of the Cleveland Clinic Bariatric & Metabolic Institute to get his thoughts about how it all started and where he sees it all going. Dr. Schauer is the Chair of the ObesityWeek Board of Managers. Here's what we asked him…

Committee Spotlight: ASMBS Program Committee
The ASMBS Program Committee is responsible for developing and arranging all of the annual educational events for the ASMBS -- with ObesityWeek and Obesity Week-End being primary among them. The committee identifies educational needs, professional gaps, and barriers; reviews and grades submitted abstracts; selects relevant topics and educational design; secures guest speakers; and contributes to the development of overall conference programming.