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New Study Shows Bariatric Surgery Before Total Knee Replacement May Reduce Complications and Costs for Patients with Severe Obesity
A new study in the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery shows that patients with severe obesity who have bariatric surgery two years before knee replacement tend to have fewer complications and an improved quality of life, at a cost researchers say is “below the amount society and health care payers, like insurers and government, are typically willing to pay.”

TRICARE Now Covers Sleeve Gastrectomy -- Policy Change Means Greater Access to Bariatric Surgery
TRICARE beneficiaries with severe obesity will now be covered for sleeve gastrectomy thanks to a policy change made in December 2015 by the health care program for members of the military and their families.

FEAR FACTOR: Our Patients Fear Bariatric Surgery More than Obesity!
Despite the scientific evidence and the millions of patients who have benefitted from bariatric surgery over the years, outsized fears and anxieties exist today among many patients, and even some doctors, about the “dangers,” “lack of effectiveness” and “extreme risks” of what some still call a “drastic procedure” that should only be considered a “last resort.”